Cangaroo Gentle Care Disposable Breast Pads (66pcs)

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Unique Philips AVENT breast pads specially designed to help you stay dry and
comfortable while sleeping.

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The breast pads are for single use. They are the perfect care for the mother, keep your clothes dry, and are specially designed for advanced pregnancy, after giving birth and during breastfeeding. The Cangaroo breast pads are with super absorption polymer inside and greater width keep the fluids inside the core of the pad.

The product is provided with an adhesive for attaching the pad to the bra. The breast pads are ultra soft, ultra thin with a waterproof backside made of breathing, natural materials, multilayer, designed for greater comfort, confidence and silk touch. They are with barrier from all sides to avoid leakage. Do not cause allergies and are gentle tot he skin. Single-packed for a better hygiene.

Size of the product: diameter - 130 mm, thickness-4 mm.

The box contains 60 pads and 6 pcs extra.


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