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Supporting electronic commerce ensure that the quality of our products is guaranteed, and this starts from our cooperation with our suppliers.

Our products guarantee for a limited period of time shown on the detailed characteristics of the product.

Return delivery due to error
In all cases delivered other than sold, by type or quantity or missing property which has previously concluded in writing by the company the customer returns the goods to be checked and the mistake was noted. In this case the cost of returning the goods to the company and the costs borne by the customer return the company to long respected the proposed by the company way back.

Returns of defective products
The return for repair or replacement product will be handled along with all the documents accompanying the product (eg Ap. Retail, Bull Market etc) and full packaging. If a defect is found after the delivery and the package does not exist or unless the product packaging received from distributors upon delivery of the kind not require the product packaging.
After the return of the products is checked defect reported by the customer and then contact him for information on the test results.
If a defect is found, repair or replacement is carried out of the product. If you can not repair the product within a reasonable time and can not be found by the respective company or other product characteristics better or equal value to replace, may cancel this transaction and refund of the original purchase is made with the same how he had done the initial payment of the customer to the company.
The cost of returning products under warranty is borne by the company. However, if the product is not covered by the warranty terms of the importer - manufacturer - importer or the product does not present a problem, according to the functional specifications of the overall transport costs both ways are charged to the customer.

Right of withdrawal by the customer
You have the right to return the product in a period of 10 calendar days from the date of purchase, if in perfect condition, unused and in original packaging.
In case of opening the packaging the product is classified as used.
The mode of transport costs to our company and any insurance product selection and is the client's responsibility.
In all cases, the product must be accompanied by legal proof of purchase.

Order Cancellation
The cancellation of your order may in the following circumstances:
If you have completed online or telephone order but not yet shipped product you can contact us through the form of e-mail site info@koudounistra.gr, or call 216823334 and we will take the cancellation of your order.
Once you receive your item, call us on 2106823334 or send an e-mail form website info@koudounistra.gr. We will be glad to assist you immediately and inform you about all your options.
In case of cancellation of orders for handmade garment deposit is not refundable as available to cover part of the costs of fabrics that were cut and used the dimensions of the customer.